New Single Available Now!

My new single "Good Mistake to Make" is now available to download and stream on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and more! 


Four Chords & The Truth

Andrea England's "Four Chords & The Truth" has been one of my favourite performance experiences since I moved to Toronto. It was such an honour to be invited to play as an emerging songwriter on the same stage with these artists. If you're ever in Toronto and are looking for a great show to take in, do yourself a favour and get tickets to this songwriter round at The Dakota Tavern! Visit the website for more info! -->

From the left: Mallory Johnson, Andrea England, Sarah MacDougall, Justin Rutledge, Jully Black, David Leask, Geoff Willingham. Photo by Mike Highfield (Tour Bus Entertainment)

From the left: Mallory Johnson, Andrea England, Sarah MacDougall, Justin Rutledge, Jully Black, David Leask, Geoff Willingham. Photo by Mike Highfield (Tour Bus Entertainment)


Who's ready for some new music?! My new single "Good Mistake To Make" will be released May 12th!! I love playing this song live, and I can't wait for y'all to hear the studio version! Mark your calendars :D !! 


For so long I've dreamt about having a video on CMT. I can now finally cross that off the bucket list!!!!!! Thank you CMT, my wonderful team at The Holland Group, GrassRoots, and Aristomedia for believing in this song and making this happen. The music video for Tupelo is now available on demand at, and on their mobile app.

Tupelo on GAC!

YOU GUYS!! I'm sooo stoked to announce that my music video is now playing on Great American Country (GAC)!! I'm so thankful for their support and believing in new artists like myself. Thanks GAC!!!! 

Radio Tour Oct/2016

So to say that my very first radio tour was a blast would be an understatement. I got to see old friends, make new friends, and do what I love in four different states. I got to admire the beauty of Ocean Way Studios, drink deliciously perfect lattes at Edgehill, and jam in a gorgeous backyard full of love, lights, cute pets, and wonderful company (Thanks Pat!). We drove by Fame studio, visited Talladega Superspeedway, and drank margaritas. We got chased by clowns (in a haunted house, thank goodness), ate way too many burritos, and surprisingly found ourselves within spitting distance of Alan Jackson (not that we ever would). We experienced the brilliance of the Time Jumpers, danced along to the Don Kelley Band at Roberts Western World, and got a little broadwaysted. We strolled along Music Row, took selfies with the Ryman, watched Chris Carmack film a scene, and tried biscuits & gravy for the first time. We visited cute antique shops, stood on the dance floor at Surf Ballroom, and got to drive through towns we never thought we’d see. We covered a lot of miles, a lot of farmland, and a lot of roadkill (ew). I got to share my music and my story with wonderful folks at 20 different radio stations, and all the while, I got to do it with my best friend. Thank you GrassRoots Promotion, thank you Holland Group, thank you country radio, thank you Chad, and thank you mom & dad for making these last few weeks happen. I’m walking away with a full heart, high hopes for the future, and lots of beautiful memories. I'm no video editor like my brother, but I wanted to put together a little something to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes. You can find the video on my Facebook Page by clicking HERE :) I hope you enjoy!! 


And we sang all the way down to......NASHVILLE!! I'm so excited to announce that I'm heading out on my very first RADIO TOUR!! In just a few weeks, I'll be on my way to the US to promote my debut single "Tupelo"!!

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to everyone at The Holland Group and GrassRoots Promotion for putting this tour together, and of course my family for being the best support system ever! <3 Now bring on the road trips, coffee, dry shampoo, and early morning jams! :)


Track Tupelo

Guess What! With the help of my friends at Grassroots Promotion and a cute little app called Airplay Map, you can now track where "Tupelo" is being played in the US!! :) Make sure to keep checking back to my facebook page to stay updated on the spins! Here's the link -->  

CCMW 2016

What a weekend!!!!!! I attended my very first CCMAs last weekend and it was more amazing than I could have imagined. The people, the talent, the atmosphere.. just as a whole, was incredible!

On Thursday, I got the wonderful opportunity to play Sirroma Entertainment's "Diamonds in the Rough" Showcase. Huge thanks to Angie, Sirroma, & the sponsors for hosting this event and thanks to all the folks who came out early and start their day with us! To make things even better, Linda Heldman @ Canadian Beats covered our set! Check out the link below to see our live performance of "Tupelo" :)


On the night of August 20th/2016,  97.5 KROCK celebrated Gord & the brilliant music of Canada's best - The Tragically Hip. Jason LaCour (JLaC) invited a handful of local artists to perform Hip covers two hours before the last concert was aired. We may have been rockin' some country music on the Eastbound stage that night, but our hearts were with Gord & the rest of Canada as the last Hip concert was broadcasted. I am so honoured and humbled to have been invited to take part in this tribute. Check out my take on "Stay" below :)  #WeAreHip


Holy smokes you guys! I am honoured to have been selected to perform at this year's "Diamonds in the Rough" Showcase during CCMA Week in London, Ontario!! Thank you Sirroma Entertainment, and all of the sponsors for making this happen and giving emerging artists a stage to shine during Canada's biggest week in Country Music! 

NEW SINGLE: Postcard From Tennessee

My new single "Postcard From Tennessee" is now available for purchase!!! AND as of today, you can request it to your local radio stations :)! This song is a special one for me, not just because it's an original, but because of what inspired it. No matter what your goals or dreams are in life, you will always have people who love you, root for you, and support you in all of your endeavours. You will also have people who try to put you down. We are all dreamers, and we all need to start somewhere. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, it's okay to cry when someone hurts you, and you're not always going to be perfect. Instead of letting that rejection defeat you, embrace it and use it as motivation. That's the advice that was given to me when I was feeling down, and that's what this song is about. I wanted to write something that encourages people to be themselves, and to be a little more kind to one another because we all deserve happiness and success. 

I'm also thrilled to have my uncle, Gordon Cormier credited on this record. We wrote this song together and I couldn't have asked for a better partner on this one :) 

Thank you Sam, Billy, Trent, and my family for believing in this song and making sure it found a home on my debut album. 

PS - You can now start requesting "Tupelo" to your local American radio stations!!! :) 

Painting by Kevin Tobin (KT Creative)

Painting by Kevin Tobin (KT Creative)

Video Release


This project was HUGELY collaborative and I have so much love and gratitude for the people involved in making it happen -- Especially my brother, Cecil Johnson. Cecil directed, filmed, edited, and produced this video and I couldn't be more proud. I consider myself VERY lucky to have his expertise at my fingertips. Amazing talent is an understatement!! Love you little bro, and thank you for making me feel beautiful in my debut video performance.  You can check out his work on his website here -->

Producer/DOP/Editor: Cecil Johnson (Tuckamore Productions)
Grip/Camera assist: Troy Maher
Behind the Scenes: Cody Westman
Gaffer: Thomas Kelly

Creative Director: Kevin Tobin (KT Creative)
Hair & MU: Jenny Shears
Set & Costume Design: Keith Roberts
Band: Chad Murphy, Craig Follett, Andrew Boulos, Andrew McCarthy, Evan Smith
Venue: Masonic Temple, St. John's, NL
Wedding Decorator: Flaunt Decor & Design
Bridal Gowns: Ever After Bridal Boutique

Concert Announcement: Eastbound Hoedown 2016

YOU GUYS!!! IM PLAYING EASTBOUND HOEDOWN THIS SUMMER IN NL!!! Last may, I visited the Opry for the first time as an audience member and Rascal Flatts was headlining. This summer, I get to share the stage with them. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!! Check out the Events page to find out more info :) Hope to see you there!!! xoxo

Live & Unplugged on KROCK

I had so much fun singing this song on "Under The Influence" with Chad Murphy :) It's an original of mine that I'm super proud of. If you know me, you know that I like to be silly and this song helps me showcase that while sending a positive message at the same time. You don't have to be a bombshell to be beautiful! Hope you enjoy this live, unplugged version of "What Bunnies Can Do" :) !!

Click HERE to listen to "What Bunnies Can Do" on "Under the Influence" with JLaC!