’Music with MALbec’

My New Year’s resolution is to release a lot more music and video content. I’ve had this little video campaign idea for a while and it was time I finally got my butt in gear and started.. and who doesn’t like music, friends, and wine? My plan is to collaborate with other artists and release live cover videos of some of my favourite songs. These won’t be weekly videos, but the goal is to release one every few weeks or at least once a month, even if that means I don’t have my talented bro making them look all fancy for me :P

So here’s video #1. I’ve been wanting to cover this song for some time now and can’t think of anyone better to sing it with. Andrew Rodgers has one of my favourite voices in Newfoundland and I’m so excited to feature him in this video. Make sure to check out his stuff as well as his kickass band Fairgale

Song: “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell
Video: Tuckamore Productions

Ps. If you don’t know what Malbec is, you need to drink more wine ;)